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Blueberry Cream Cheese Hand Pies of Deliciousness

I’m definitely not a great pie maker. Sometimes, the crusts come out soggy, and they don’t look so pretty – although my fillings are usually pretty tasty. What I’ve ended up doing recently is making hand pies or little tartlets, … Continue reading

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Comfort Food for One – Potato-Leek Bake

Sometimes, when my partner’s away, I like to make a little dish of something warm, usually as a way to test out a recipe. I have this little pyrex baking dish (maybe 6X9 or so) that I got at a … Continue reading

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Maple Hot Chocolate (from scratch!) for Two

Today is a day for hot cocoa – big storm (please stop saying “snowpocalypse” people!) raging outside means it’s time for procrastination through cooking, my favorite sport. I’m out of coffee, and I’m tired of tea, but I had no … Continue reading

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Sometimes I crave real “stick to your ribs” food – the kind that makes you feel full without feeling fat. Of course, then I often add butter or honey or sugar on top of that kind of thing, which is … Continue reading

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Easy Apple Butter

One of my favorite Maine fall traditions is apple picking and the subsequent apple sauce, butters, pies and crisps that get made with fresh fall apples. I usually track down a local orchard that has pick-your-own and spend an afternoon … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Citrus Spice Cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies with their tea? The other day I was sitting, procrastinating, drinking tea and pondering settling down to grade papers, when I realized I *really* wanted a cookie or a scone or something with my tea. We … Continue reading

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