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Lactation Cookies – Not just for moms!

Who knew that cookies were good for breastfeeding? Yay, I say! These are basically PB/Banana/Oatmeal/Choc-Chip cookies with some other tasty bits thrown in, and are good for everyone. They’re adapted from this recipe. I made half and froze half, and … Continue reading

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Ricotta Mousse

Okay, this might be my new favorite thing. Seriously. Adapted from the ‘Moosewood Cooks at Home’ cookbook, this is insanely easy, fast, flexible and delicious. This may be my new go-to for potluck desserts. Ingredients 1lb ricotta (comes in 15 … Continue reading

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Blueberry Cream Cheese Hand Pies of Deliciousness

I’m definitely not a great pie maker. Sometimes, the crusts come out soggy, and they don’t look so pretty – although my fillings are usually pretty tasty. What I’ve ended up doing recently is making hand pies or little tartlets, … Continue reading

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High Protein Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Being a teacher, I find that I need to eat little bits throughout the day – if I ate at 6am and then 11:30 am, I’d die between then. The struggle is finding something with enough protein that it will … Continue reading

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Maple Hot Chocolate (from scratch!) for Two

Today is a day for hot cocoa – big storm (please stop saying “snowpocalypse” people!) raging outside means it’s time for procrastination through cooking, my favorite sport. I’m out of coffee, and I’m tired of tea, but I had no … Continue reading

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Gluten Free & Vegan Cupcakes? Yes, it can be done!

We were having a big birthday party during a meeting for the cohousing group I’m a part of. Someone was already making chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, but I figured nobody might have thought about the vegan and gluten-intolerant folks in … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Citrus Spice Cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies with their tea? The other day I was sitting, procrastinating, drinking tea and pondering settling down to grade papers, when I realized I *really* wanted a cookie or a scone or something with my tea. We … Continue reading

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